Excellent! I agree there are no words to truly express this truth and for those who are wed to their 3D ways no way to explain for understanding. No right no wrong, no good no bad, all simply is. I’ve observed intense responses to this truth bordering on the psychotic, due to a need for evil to exist and God to be good. Funnier still is to have that person question whether I even believe in God. 😂 How do you explain to them that we are God. We are one with all that is. There is no separation. Until a Being is ready to surrender their individuality/identity the truth remains hidden.

In today’s world of rapid change toward a 4D 5D reality modeling a life lacking dualities predicated upon Love, can cause some to actually view us as evil! But, more and more eyes are opening and in my heart I know all is well and exactly how it must be in order for change to occur. Which brings us to knowing. Knowing without words. The gift above all gifts. 💜✨

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